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Permanent make-up is a very special field where you never learn. The spectrum of questions that may arise over and over again is correspondingly large. Some of the most frequently asked questions and the appropriate answers can be found below. Anything else you are not interested in, we will gladly answer you personally at a non-binding initial consultation appointment.

Is the initial consultation at Corinna Kuffner really free of charge?

Of course we would like to win you as a customer. But we are convinced that we can do this best if we inspire you with our professional advice and the vivid sketch of your Corinna Kuffner Contour make-up for the final result. That is why we always advise you with all our experience and pay attention to your personal wishes and ideas. And this is guaranteed without obligation and free of charge until the perfect preliminary invoice.

How can I decide before pigmentation whether I really like my new Contour make-up?

Only when you feel completely understood with your personal wishes and the pre-drawn pigmentation looks exactly as you imagined it, we begin with the actual pigmentation. This means that you can always assess the result beforehand and get a clear picture of the impressively positive change afterwards. Due to our particularly filigree work technique, this impression in the drawing is already extremely realistic. Thus, almost all customers can decide directly after the preliminary invoice for the direct implementation of their Corinna Kuffner Contour make-up. A great advantage also for those who travel from further afield and do not want to arrange an additional time-consuming consultation in advance.

Can I have existing permanent make-ups, with which I am not satisfied, improved by Corinna Kuffner?

Of course. It is precisely these repair treatments that are our special specialty and we are very happy when we can finally give suffering customers back the pleasure of a truly professional permanent make-up with our work. There are camouflage techniques with which you can brighten the unwanted / poorly made pigmentations or even make them almost disappear without seeing it. In general, the real art of retouching is that you don’t see it. In places where no contour make-up is provided later, for example, if an eyebrow has been pigmented a little too deeply in the front, we are even able to make the old pigmentation disappear with a lot of sensitivity almost completely.

How long does a Corinna Kuffner Contour Make-up last?

This always depends on the skin condition and on the lifestyle. For example, how often and intensively do you expose yourself to the sun? Basically, a Corinna Kuffner Contour Make-up frees you from all the stressful make-up for a fantastic long time. When a refresher is meaningful, each customer decides according to their own feelings. With eyebrows, many women usually come back after 1-2 years to refresh your contour make-up. For lips, some customers also have to work after 1-2 years, but many only after up to 3 years. There are many customers who only get a refresher every 3-4 years.

Can’t you see that I have permanent make-up?

Basically, we work with our special technology so delicately and skillfully that the permanent make-up of laymen is hardly recognizable as such and we only give more expression in those places that have been overlooked by nature itself. However, some customers very consciously want a more expressive pigmentation, because you really do not want to make up any more. Of course, we are also happy to fulfil this wish, because it is especially important for us that you as a customer feel comfortable with the result.

Is the treatment painful?

Honestly? Compared to many other things that we women indulge in for our beauty, a Corinna Kuffner Contour Make-up is a real breeze. For example, most customers only see the pigmentation of the eyebrows as a slight scratch. For eyelids and lips, we apply a special sedative before the treatment so that the skin is superficially numbed. The first time, the feeling may be a little unusual. But we go very carefully before and at the latest at the end of the treatment when looking in the mirror, there is only one feeling: and that means enthusiasm.

What does the treated area look like directly after pigmentation?

Due to our special technique and the great experience from tens of thousands of treatments, the treated areas are protected very well. Redness or swelling are rather the rarity or barely perceptible.Hard to believe, right? But take a look at our before and after pictures under the heading Treatments. Almost all subsequent images were taken immediately after the pigmentation, and the customer can hardly see any of it.

How long does it take to resume my normal daily routine after the treatment?

Since usually hardly any swelling or redness occurs, our customers are usually immediately fit for everyday use again and can resume their usual tasks immediately after the treatment. Many people even use their lunch break to be pigmented.

What else do I have to pay special attention to after pigmentation?

Nearly nothing, because a Corinna Kuffner Contour make-up is easy to care for from the beginning. The only thing we ask you to do is not go to the sauna in the first week or otherwise expose yourself to excessive heat. In addition, after the treatment you will receive special care products recommended by us, which you should use for a week. More you do not have to consider to enjoy her new radiance permanently.

Can men also take a treatment with Corinna Kuffner Contour make-up?

95% of our regular customers are women. But of course we are also happy about beauty-conscious men who want to treat themselves to a Corinna Kuffner Contour make-up. Of course, the requirements here are slightly different. Men’s eyebrows are pigmented in the form rather straight and slightly wider rather than too long so that you really look natural and expressive.

With eyelash wreaths we achieve an effect, as if 3 times as many eyelashes were present and give the face of the man significantly more expressiveness. And in lip treatments for men, we use an absolutely natural lip color and work the contour and shape consciously less accurately to underline the typical male appearance. Details on treatment options and prices for men are available on request.

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